Calculate & Plot Ages

The iceTEA tool calculates exposure ages from provided sample data and cosmogenic nuclide concentractions. It uses a modified version of the CRONUScalc calculation framework (Marrero et al., 2016) and global production rate calibration datasets (Borchers et al., 2016). The ages can then be plotted as kernel density estimates, with age population statistics computed if the dataset is defined as being from a single feature, and as a horizontal or vertical transect.

Details are described here: Jones et al., 2019, Quaternary Geochronology (preprint version here).

Upload exposure age data in the ‘standard’ input form (as .xlsx, .csv or .txt). Then choose preferred time-dependent production scaling model: ‘Lm’ (Lal, 1991); ‘LSD’ (Lifton et al., 2014); ‘LSDn’, nuclide-specific scaling (Lifton et al., 2014).